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Penny is all about making your payments workflow easy while helping you mitigate risks and create a new revenue stream. We also want to serve up all of your payments data, in real time, in whatever way works best for you. 

We are API-first, built serverless for scale & hyper developer-friendly. Our insanely-fast integration times will have you up & running in weeks not months. Or you can manage your payments directly from our easy-to-use hub, Penny Central.

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A better developer and user experience

  • Connect Cards to a Wallet:
    Specify which wallet the card belongs to. When you authorize a transaction on the card, funds are taken from its associated wallet.

  • Define the Purchase Type:
    Specify the category of merchants this card will be used to pay to avoid the potential of corporate credit card fraud.

  • Set Velocity Limits:
    Specify how much the card can spend and during what time frame to further control usage. 

  • Set Optional Usage Rules:
    If you like, you can even specify the number of times the card can authorize transactions during its usage window.