No-limit Payment
Processing and Card Issuing.

The #1 spend platform for Ad-tech companies

Manage all your expenses in one place.

Control global spend smarter with a single source of truth.

Unlimited Virtual Cards

Virtual Wallet Management


Spend Management Portal


Revenue Share

Programmatic Issuance at Scale

Virtual Card Issuance Has Never Been Easier.

Programmatic Issuance at Scale

Penny doesn't limit how many cards you generate. Whether you need 1K or 1M cards, the sky’s the limit.

Multi & One-time use virtual credit cards

Create one-time or multi-use cards so you control the security and protect against fraud.

Dynamic Bin Allocation

Never get blocked for suspicious activity from your high transaction volume again. Dynamically select  BINs to ensure uninterrupted transactions.

Just-In-Time Funding

Never wait for pre-funding again. Fund your cards in real time from any funding source that works for you.

Programmatic Issuance at Scale

Easily Manage Spend Across People and Channels.

One API to rule them all

Built for developers by developers

Speed up your development cycle with our user-friendly, potent APIs! Spare your engineering efforts with our comprehensive payments features. We tirelessly navigate the labyrinth of gateways, payment networks, and financial institutions shaping the world economy, all to provide you a single platform for all your development needs.

Supported Languages

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  version: 1,
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  alias: "My New Card",
  type: "virtual",
  active: true,
  last_four: "1111",
  account_number: "8329428918231982",
  security_code: 123,
  expiration: "0624",
  expiration_date: "2024-06-01T23:59:59+00:00",
  network: "MASTERCARD",
  currency_code: "USD",
  name_line_1: "John",
  name_line_2: "Smith",
  gateway_merchant_name: "Merchant Name"

What our customers say

Customer Testimonials

Penny allows us to efficiently transfer funds to our team in real time, the ability to attach receipts to each transaction enables us to audit and reconcile, we couldn’t operate without it!

René Bloemke

Business Owner, Cascade2Go

It is so convenient being able to issue Penny cards to my staff. Having this system has has made my life a lot easier.

Michelle Barrow

Business Owner, Cape Fear Delivery

What I like best about Penny Inc. is that it has given our organization a platform by which we can provide direct transfer payments on reloadable cards, while eliminating overhead costs.

J. E. Rodriguez

Area Manager, South Texas Development Council

Penny Inc has helped our business by enabling us to to ensure our drivers always have access to the funds they need to get the job done.

Ashley Campos

Business Owner, City Cheetahs

I have been using Penny for over two years and we have not had any issues. Penny and its staff are always ready to help and resolve any issues as they arise.

John Boynton

Business Owner, 803 Food Delivery

Programmatic Issuance at Scale

A Use Case Made for You

Streamline payment processes and unlock innovation with our cost-free virtual credit card solution tailored to the needs of Ad Tech, Travel Tech, DTC, and Loyalty & Rewards industries.

Real-Time Data & Spend Management

Manage Corporate Spend like a Pro

Penny's helps you control spending by issuing department and employee debit cards, setting spending limits and rules, and providing real-time visibility into transactions across departments.

Dynamic Spend Controls

Blacklisting or whitelisting, cost efficiency and fraud prevention with customizable thresholds and rule sets, and real-time adjustability via our API.

Real-time transaction data

The real-time transaction data includes access to past web-hook events for tracking purposes and visibility into deposited funds through the Funding API.

Advanced Wallet Management

Setup wallets with granular control and flexibility by assigning cards and utilizing budget allocation for streamlined expense management.

Transaction event webhooks

Our advanced Web-hook system enables real-time notifications for key API events, streamlining workflows and keeping you informed.

Why Penny?

Unlimited Virtual Credit Cards

Get unlimited virtual cards so you can manage each payment with total control, visibility, and insights for any payment type, anywhere you go.

Dynamic BIN Allocation

Robust decisioning engine that can systematically determine what cards should be accepted and what VCCs should be issued in order to maximize acceptance

On-Demand Funding

Authorize and fund transactions in real time, optimizing for cash flow and spend control.

3D Secure

3D Secure provides an extra layer of protection for your business and customers for their online purchases. 3D Secure deters unauthorized card use and helps you to reduce fraudulent activity and chargebacks.


Our adaptable open APIs and immediate web-hooks, combined with our physical and virtual card options, empower you to interact with customers and compensate vendors and employees through inventive payment solutions.

Fast Reconciliation

Insert custom metadata into transaction records to accelerate data matching