Be a Payments Hero with Penny!

Built for the high-volume transaction processing needs of the marketing & fulfillment industries

Spin up an unlimited number of VCCs (Virtual Credit Cards) with zero issuance fees. Put an end to unwarranted card declines based on new, AI-powered fraud prevention tools rejecting legitimate activity.

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Issue a different card for every campaign, platform, or payee at no cost!

Media buyers, affiliate marketers, and dropshippers use Penny to programmatically rectify declined transactions in milliseconds, not weeks.

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Unlimited VCCs with No Issuance Fees

Quickly spin up VCCs - in bulk - and use them instantly around the globe.
Up to 50 BINs on rotation with multiple bank partners & card classes.
You can authorize & fund transactions instantaneously.
Penny tells you when a BIN or bank switch needs to happen to ensure campaign continuity.
No matter how high your transaction volume, Penny VCCs keep your campaigns online even when you can’t be!
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Minimize Declines & Maximize Rebates

Penny puts an end to unwarranted card declines & our industry-leading rebates turn payments into a profit center, making you money!
Optimized BIN selection, interchange rates & network fees get you the biggest rebate.
We provide a monthly summary of network income & costs, along with open reporting & reconciliation.
Penny’s human-powered customer support means you can always reach a real person for help!
Let us do a free payments review consultation to help you see how much money you can get back today. 
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Supercharge Your Payments with Penny Wallets

Optimize cash flow, understand budgets in real time & control spend.
Compartmentalize funds to eliminate the pain of tracing spend back to budget.
Only deplete your pool based on actual transactions (vs campaign budgets). 
Penny’s healing process catches & corrects transaction errors before they hit your balance.
Manage, authorize & trace spend by campaign; freeze cards or adjust spend parameters instantly.
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End the Payments Data Chaos

Access our easy-to-use hub, Penny Central, or leverage APIs to bring the data into your interface.
Programmatic delivery of payments data gives you in-depth analytics. 
Get lag-free control & visibility across every payment.
Instant access to data & reporting lets you wow clients & make informed decisions. 
Understand budgets in real time, easily reconcile all transactions & close each month’s books with ease.
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Penny reduces operational risk, makes payments workflows easier, and creates a whole new profit center!

Relying on a dedicated corporate card, you’ll continue to see campaigns grind to a halt when a merchant’s AI-powered fraud prevention tool rejects your card (and a billion others like it) due to someone else’s activity under the same BIN. If you are already using VCCs, they minimize that problem, but most issuers charge per card, don’t work on international purchases, and are difficult to reach when you need help. As a media buyer, affiliate marketer, or dropshipper who is doing a high-volume of transactions, you are most heavily impacted by unwarranted declines and massive transaction reconciliation issues. Penny is here to empower your business with unlimited free VCCs, real-time payments data, human-powered customer support, and industry-leading rebates.

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