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Introducing a powerful new ecosystem designed for your RDS business.
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Keep your drivers funded and on the road.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) with Penny provides a steady flow of cash to help your RDS businesses thrive.

Penny Rewards help boost your earnings with cash back rewards.

Never run out of cash again.

Be your own bank, earn rewards, and track expenses like a pro!

Buy Now Pay Later
Up to 7 days grace period*
Business Debit Mastercard
Free plastic and unlimited virtual cards
Rewards Program
.5% Rewards for qualifying purchases
Expensed Management
Track receipts and never miss a deduction
Accounting Integration
Penny integrates with most accounting platforms.
Referral Program
$75 for all qualifying referrals

Enjoy pieace of mind with live visibility and dynamic spend control through Penny’s cloud-based, multi-user dashboard.

Powerful expense management.
Unlimited virtual debit cards.
No credit check required.
Issue cards on the spot.
Quick approval process
Instantly reload the cards

Add money to a card any day of the week—weekends, holidays, and on the fly.

Receive unlimited rewards.

*Spend over $10k (posted transactions) per month and receive 1% cash back on all purchases . Rewards will be paid at the end of the following month.

*We will offer a referral reward of $75 for anyone referring a company to us. Once the qualifying business you refer reaches $15,000 of transactions .

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Secure. FDIC Secure. No credit check needed.

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