Never chase a receipt again

January 13, 2023
5 min read

When you've only got a short time between busy seasons, the last thing you need is to mess around with reimbursements and expense allocations.

We can help take you from this...

Never chase a receipt again

To this...

Never chase a receipt again

With a reloadable prepaid debit MasterCard and a smart and easy to use expense management system, you can have real-time visibility and control over business expenses.

No setup fee, no monthly charges, no hidden fees. It’s completely free. 

(We charge the banks, not our customers)

Automate and take control
  • Eliminate the frustration. No more petty cash, reimbursements, expense allocations and loose receipts.
  • Instant visibility. Transactions automatically transfer to Quickbooks and integrate with most major accounting programs.
No more chasing receipts
  • Penny’s mobile app prompts the purchaser to photograph the corresponding receipt at the time of purchase and instantly attaches it to the transaction. 
Skip the bank
  • You issue your own Penny debit MasterCards to your employees.
  • No credit risk. Reloadable prepaid debit MasterCards where you add approved funds.
  • Virtual cards - unlimited and free. Manage your recurring subscription payments and one-time online purchases. 
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