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penny virtual card has strong security on online purchases
Penny debit cards and virtual cards

Unlimited virtual debit Mastercards

Virtual Mastercards by Penny Inc feature dynamic spend controls allowing for real-time vision of card activity to optimize and manage client advertising campaigns. Agencies can simplify media buying at the client or campaign level for thousands of ad spaces. With consolidated, categorised transaction data, you can do amazing things, identify trends and boost in an instant while gaining billing efficiencies.

And best of all it is free to join.

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Penny debit cards and virtual cards

Open APIs & webhooks

Sign up for free and kick off your private sandbox in just three clicks. Create your card product, accounts, and cardholders, and start simulating transactions. Leverage developer guides and tutorials to get started fast. Leverage software development kits (SDKs) to integrate with your application.

Give new campaign managers the ability to safely run ads for clients without the risk of overspending errors. It's never been easier.

Penny debit cards and virtual cards

Issue your own debit & virtual cards for Ads

Automate, monitor and control your business and advertising expenses with re-loadable debit Master Cards and virtual credit cards complete with an easy to use expense management system. That's the Penny way.

  • Issue new debit Master cards and virtual cards when needed, and eliminate cash and reimbursement claims.
  • Make high-volume, online transactions easy with limitless virtual cards and a single point of truth for transaction data.
    Give your team more control by allowing safe transaction capability without direct access to company funds so you emburse easily.
  • Integrated end-to-end with QuickBooks payments and your ACH bank account.
  • The best part? No setup fee, no monthly charges, no hidden fees. It’s completely free. No gimmicks.
no more issues like lost receipts

Automate and take control

  • Convenient and contactless. No more petty cash, reimbursements, expense allocations and lost receipts.
  • Skip the bank. Issue your own Penny debit Master Cards to your employees and give your staff a virtual payment solution.
  • Interactive and real-time. Instantly see where and how each Penny card is used through an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Never go over budget. Block merchants and/or set budget limits for individual cardholders. Infinite media buyer security.
  • Instant visibility. Transactions can be viewed in real-time, instantly after the media buying or Ads purchase

No more chasing receipts

  • Need a reminder? Penny’s mobile app prompts the cardholder to photograph their receipt at the time of purchase and instantly attaches it to the transaction. 
  • Instantly attaches copy of receipt it to the transaction within Penny Central.
no more chasing receipts at penny debit cards
easy fund transfer debit card, virtual card, and master card

Flexibility on the go

  • Any time and from anywhere. Approve fund requests from cardholders and transfer funds to cards through our free App.
  • Transfer funds. Transfer funds to and from main Penny Central account and between cards through our free App.

Added media buyer security

  • Virtual cards. Unlimited and free, manage recurring subscription payments and one-time online purchases. 
  • Better than the banks. Take unprecedented control over your business expenses, with no credit risk.
  • Complete control. Live visibility over spending, and merchant-level card controls.
strong security penny debit card  and master card
Automatic integration penny master cards or penny virtual cards

Integrate with your accounting software

Purchases made on the Penny Mastercard or Penny Virtual card automatically transfer to QuickBooks and integrate with most major accounting programs. Receipts handled.
QuickBooks - Penny special offer
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