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How to link your bank account to Penny Central

Penny enables you to connect and verify your bank account to Penny Central, instantly;

  1. Instant Account Verification: Plaid is a tool that Penny uses to make your account set up smooth and seamless. Plaid connects your banking portal directly to Penny Central, allowing the transfer of basic information that Penny requires to create your account (this includes routing number and bank account information). Penny does not store detailed banking information through Plaid, and only uses this information to improve your Penny experience.
  2. Deposit Account Verification: Upon receiving your bank routing and account numbers, our system will deposit two small amounts (less than $1.00 each) into your bank account.  We will withdraw the combined deposit amounts from your bank account immediately to net zero.  Once you see these deposits in your bank account notify This will verify that we have the correct account and you can then load funds from your linked bank account into your Penny Central account.

To learn more about the Plaid verification method please contact our support team



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