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Connect to Quickbooks online

Purchases made on the Penny MasterCard or Penny Virtual card can automatically transfer to Quickbooks. Follow the below steps to connect to your Quickbooks account:

  1. Login to your Penny Central account
  2. Click on the "Settings" tab on the side bar
  3. Select “Integrations”
  4. Select the green "Connect to QuickBooks" button on the left-hand side
  5. If you are not already logged into your QuickBooks Online account, enter your QuickBooks Online credentials
  6. Select the QuickBooks Company you would like to connect
  7. Click the "Authorize" button to connect Penny Central to your QuickBooks Online account
  8. Click "Settings"
  9. In settings you have the following 3 options;
  10. Expenses/Purchases Account the Account from Charts of Accounts where Penny will save the Purchases made using Penny Cards.
  11. Payment Account the Account from Charts of Accounts which Penny will use as Source.
  12. Payment Method Reference : The Cash On Hand from QuickBooks to be used as Payment Method (maps to Payment Method Field in QuickBooks Online).
  13. Select Save Quickbooks Account Settings and you will be taken back to the main Integration page,
  14. Click on Sync Now, an option will be presented to sync all transactions or if you have previously imported transactions manually you can set a date to import from.
  15. Next, you will need to decide if you want your transactions to sync over to QuickBooks Online Automatically or manually. To assure that your QuickBooks Online account is always up-to-date with your employee expenses. Click "submit" and all your previous transactions will automatically start to load into your QuickBooks Online account.



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