Employee Rewards

The freedom
to manage your employee rewards program.

Virtual prepaid cards are emerging as the top reward for a number of reasons, for both their speed and touch-free nature, being delivered online. On top of this, virtual cards can be used in a number of ways to give back to hard-working employees

penny virtual card for employee rewards program
penny virtual cards

Virtual "thank you"
bonus rewards

Virtual rewards are delivered instantly, allowing personalization, immediate funds as well as ease of use for both management and users. Designed for use online, Virtual cards continue to promote important health and safety measures.

Customized your

Configuration features allows you to set-up Projects, Cost Centres, Groups and Transaction Categories.  Optimising control, security and reporting for best practice. Program Administrators can be assigned to Projects, Departments or Regions.

best for manage your configurations
penny master card allows you to automate your transactions

Automate and take control

  • Convenient and contactless. No more petty cash, reimbursements, expense allocations and lost receipts.
  • Skip the bank. Issue your own Penny debit MasterCards to your employees.
  • Interactive and real-time. Instantly see where and how each Penny card is used through an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Never go over budget. Block merchants and/or set budget limits for individual cardholders.
  • Instant visibility. Transactions can be viewed in real-time, instantly after the purchase

Pricing Information

No Contracts - No Setup Fees - No Problem

Unlimited cards.
Real time payment controls.

Subscription Fee


Transaction Fee


Transfer Fee


Annual Fee


Cancellation Fee


Card Fee


*A 3% international foreign transaction fee may be charged to you by Mastercard  whenever you buy something in a foreign currency, while most of these charges are applied to travellers, they can also be added to your transaction when you make a purchase online from a foreign vendor in a foreign currency.

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Additional Programs

On-Demand Services
With Prepaid Card and instant issuance of Virtual cards, on-demand services companies can on-board new drivers quickly. Grow your business with ease, no system integration to On-board new Merchants. Flexible spend controls,  issue zero-balance cards - fund when needed in real-time.

Employee Rewards
Deliver instant rewards to the people that matter most to your business, manage the entire experience in one easy-to-use platform. Issue cards for new hires easily. Monitor and control Rewards budgets and controls. Save cash flow by funding cards when rewards are earned. [more]

Virtual cards with dynamic spend controls allow for real-time control of card activity to better manage client campaigns. Simplify media buying activities at the client or campaign level for thousands of ad spaces, while gaining billing efficiencies with improved data visibility. Save hours of administration and reconciliation time.

Drop Shipping
For drop shipment, real-time issuing of virtual cards enables multiple supplier payments within a single transaction. This ensures faster order fulfillment and enhanced customer service experience. Eliminate the need to lock up working capital to pay merchants, supporting volume sales at seasonal peaks.