Drop Shipping

Provide local addresses and ensure merchants do not reject legitimate transactions, reducing the risk of being flagged as fraud.

When multiple virtual credit cards (VCCs) have the same address for AVS checks, merchants may quickly flag these transactions as fraudulent. Our platform solves this problem.

Scale infinitely with Penny’s card issuing platform and API

Separate supplier payments by creating new virtual cards on-demand

Take proactive measure to combat fraud with tight controls around spend, such as time of the day, exact amount or merchant categories

Reduce the risk of being flagged as fraud.

Why Penny?

Unlimited Virtual Credit Cards

Get unlimited virtual cards so you can manage each payment with total control, visibility, and insights for any payment type, anywhere you go.

Dynamic BIN Allocation

Robust decisioning engine that can systematically determine what cards should be accepted and what VCCs should be issued in order to maximize acceptance

On-Demand Funding

Authorize and fund transactions in real time, optimizing for cash flow and spend control.

3D Secure

3D Secure provides an extra layer of protection for your business and customers for their online purchases. 3D Secure deters unauthorized card use and helps you to reduce fraudulent activity and chargebacks.


Our adaptable open APIs and immediate web-hooks, combined with our physical and virtual card options, empower you to interact with customers and compensate vendors and employees through inventive payment solutions.

Fast Reconciliation

Insert custom metadata into transaction records to accelerate data matching